RIse in Articulate Online?

Jul 17, 2017

Is there a time table for Rise files to work in Articulate Online?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Jason and Marie!

Rise doesn't currently publish to Articulate Online. It would be something that our team may investigate in terms of other hosting and publishing options for Rise and you are welcome to also share your thoughts in the form of a feature request

If you have an AICC-, SCORM-, or Tin Can API-compliant LMS, you can track Rise courses in your LMS. Just open your Rise course for editing, click Export in the upper right corner of the screen, and choose an LMS specification. Details here.

Lee Rodrigues

This totally caught me by surprise. I am very frustrated Articulate would create two programs that don't work with each other for over a year after release. I just set expectations I can't meet because Rise does not work with Articulate Online.


If you are going to kill Articulate Online do it, but it is embarrassing to see that these products still don't' work together. Today is not a good day for Articulate at my company...



Katie Riggio

Hi, Lee. I shared your experience with our team to make sure we clarify with any new Articulate Online prospects what tools are supported for authoring/publishing. I'm really sorry for the frustration this has caused you and your company.

A bit of history to start: Articulate Online (AO) was developed specifically to work with Storyline and Studio–long before Rise was even a twinkle in our eye. 

The great thing is that Rise will work beautifully with any AICC-, SCORM-, or Tin Can API-compliant LMS. You can also embed Rise courses into Storyline 360 projects – simply copy your course's shareable web link and paste it into a web object. I hope you and your team find these options handy.

Thanks again for your candid feedback – we're here if you need anything else.

Brent McMillan

Articulate Online hasn't seen any great update for quite some time ... so I think product deliverables get diverted to other things based on maximum ROI (Mac support for Storyline has been teased since 2010).

I don't think the STAFF responses aren't that helpful either... "Rise... will work with any compliant LMS". Tin-can or SCORM doesn't guarantee the student content view, which means there is still a ton of trial and error to find an LMS. For example RISE content in Articulate's competitor Adobe Captivate Prime is awful because they user a player to view content baulking the RISE responsive experience. Many LMS's have equally project-stopping quirks that prevent us from using content generated solely from RISE.

Articulate could potentially find a LMS partner that caters to the RISE product, if they aren't going to continue meaningful development of its own LMS. At the moment it feels like we have a Tesla car without a charge station close by.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Harry,

Are you looking to publish your Rise courses to Review, and loop that into Articulate Online (AO)? Since Review is based in gathering feedback from your SMEs or other reviewers, it doesn't connect with AO for tracking or logging purposes. 

Storyline and Studio as a part of the Articulate 360 suite can still publish to AO. 

Our team tends to not offer specific LMS recommendations, as there are a lot out there and all with different features depending on your needs! Choosing the right LMS is specific to you, your clients and learners, but here are some ideas on how to start that process to choose just one. 

I'd also suggest reaching out to those here in the ELH community who have posted questions about using Rise in the LMS - they would have the best insight into how it works and any caveats or gotcha's to keep in mind. Look for the Contact Me button on an individual users' profile to message them directly. 

What LMSs have others tried or used so far with Rise? 

Lindy Mantin

Hi Lee....Hope you are wrong!!!   I love Articulate Online and it helps me to "go to company" and without it.....  I would be lost!!!   If I can't test or measure the eLearning that I build (very quickly).... it becomes a mute point what products I do use!  I am not with a small company but I can tell you that it makes a significant difference for those of us who need a quick, measurable way to publish our training.   Articulate Online truly saves me.....time and time again with my very limited cycle time.

I hope (very sincerely) that this is not the case!!!!   Articulate folks...... please say this isn't so!!!!   


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lindy,

You're not the only one with a tremendous amount of love for Articulate Online (AO)! 

Articulate Online isn't going away anytime soon. Although it doesn't see as many updates as the authoring tools, there have still been a handful of updates and fixes over the years.  Even better, our team is currently working on some changes related to SSL-compliance and support!

As Crystal shared, we'll let you know about any other changes! 

Lindy Mantin


That is great news! In a world where we are constantly challenged to create and implement meaningful (and engaging) training, Articulate Online has played a key role in my team's success!! Our internal LMS cycle time for posting is often more than a week and Articulate Online enables us to be up and running in minutes!!! What's not to love!!!

Thank you and Crystal for the responses and setting my mind at ease!



Matt Adlai-Gail

Is there a way in Articulate Online to publish a Rise course as just a web folder (not SCORM)?

I have Rise content that my team has created as Performance Support for a company application, so we do not need SCORM.  But we do need a decent web hosting solution where we can limit the access to the content to be only users coming from the company application.  Any suggestions, anyone??

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