Rise Numbering - Numbers Not Centered in Bullets

Dec 02, 2016

Hi: Yesterday the numbered list in Rise was fine, today on my PC on all pages with a numbered list the the numbers are not centered. Looks ok on my iPhone 7 Plus.


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Brenda Stutsky

Seems to be working this morning?

Additional Options

What would be nice though, is the option to add bullet points to an Image & Text Block.

Also, the ability to insert quiz questions throughout the module and be graded as opposed to just being able to record answers in an LMS from only one block of questions. And, at least add multiple answer questions as opposed to just single answer multiple choice.

I know the draw to Rise is the simplicity, but a few of these options would be nice!

LaVon Bowman
  1. In Rise I want a numbered list to continue after an image as well but I am using the list numbers in the text formating panel  (Word does this).
  2. Not the big colored circle with a number in it. just the regular ordered list. I see no way to do this. Does anyone have an answer for this or is it just not included in the formating cababilities of Rise?
  3. Can tell me how to make the numbers continue after interuption with an image.



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi LaVon,

If you're adding text before and after an image, you're likely using 3 separate blocks, and the numbered list will start over again when you add in your second text block. 

I'll let the team know that you're looking for options to control the numbering and formatting of those bulleted lists. We'll let you know here if this is added to Rise based on our feature request process. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi LaVon, 

I wanted to clarify; you can edit the numbering within the Numbered List block as shown here: 

In your screenshot, it looked like you were using a standard text box with bullets? When you added a numbered list there, you'll see the sub-bullets will appear as letters. Here's a quick example: 

Please let me know if you need anything else! 

LaVon Bowman

Yes, I can edit the numbers in the circles. Not the problem.  I went to use the  standard bullets because I have move formating options.

When I asked about the distance or space between the bullet and the text I was referrng  to the 3rd option Articulate has under the block list options. There are "Numbered", "Checkbox" and "List". There is too much space between the bullet an the text and no way to adjust that as far as I can see.

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