Rise package - completion errors

Jun 30, 2020

Good day

We are experiencing extensive problems with Rise packages after upload to our LMS. Learners' completion statuses are not recording accurately i.e learners have confirmed they have completed the module up to 3 times and have sent screenshots proving this, however on the report they appear as incomplete or not attempted. Is there anybody else having the same issues and is there any hope for a resolution?

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Articulate User

A few months ago I had 10+ Articulate Storyline courses corrupt despite following all best practices and had to tell my client, sorry but nothing I can do but rebuild everything from scratch for free and delay the project/not be paid. I reluctantly took on a new client as they wanted to use RISE so I thought I'd be safe from these software issues as this is a cloud based program.

I just preemptively searched for what errors to potentially look out for and came upon this forum (and all the similar ones in different threads that I read through as well) and I am veryyy concerned.......

It seems a lot of people have this issue where they put their course in different LMS systems, people take the courses, data is not sent back to LMS saying that did the course.... The solution seems to be to ensure the course has an exit button and that the LMS has the most recent updates to account of issues like Chrome making bad updates. Responses to these solutions seem to all be suggesting these solutions did not work. Are these people having their problems resolved and just not posting back in the forums or is this problem fixed by these solutions?

What are the odds of this problem occurring to this new client as this is a very big deal.

Articulate User

Thank you for the reply, Matthew. That does give me some very needed reassurance. Sometimes I worry I am seeing these issues with blinders as I only have my own experiences mixed with all the forums of other people having issues which makes me assume that all people have issues.

More realistically, the only people writing on these forums are only the people with issues and the ones who don't have problems don't have a need to come on here and write, "Things are good - I don't need any help but just wanted to create a forum". :)

It is concerning though how recent these issues are which suggest the problem is likely not resolved or patched out, and how many people are having this same issues (as I am accounting for all the other forums on the topic that I read through as well).


Alyssa Gomez

Hi Michael! Thanks for your question! The majority of users who run into completion issues with Rise 360 courses are using an LMS version that hasn't been updated. Fortunately, most of these issues can be resolved by including an Exit Course button inside the course, so I always recommend including that button in every course just to be safe.

Do you have access to your client's learning management system? If so, I would suggest uploading the finished course to their LMS to be sure it's working properly. If you run into any problems along the way, we're here to help! You can start a case here anytime, and our lightning-fast Support team will help you investigate right away.