Rise - Popup boxes tip

Jun 17, 2019

Hi, I have created a quick Rise example where you can use the labeled graphic block as a popup box. I have put a couple of examples in the demo link below. One idea is to use an icon/marker for help or further information. The marker is placed between a couple of text boxes and when clicked, a popup window appears. You can display a image, or video or use the embed option. You can also play an audio file (need to click the play button though).

The other examples has a conditional Continue attached to it, so you must view all three popups to continue.

See example here.



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Gerry McAteer

Hi Christophe, you are unable to insert one type of block into another block. I use the labelled graphic block to import my 'transparent' small image of the shape and insert the marker on the image. Then it is a case of inserting the labelled graphic block in-between the other Rise block types, normally with the block padding setting set to nil. Hope that helps Cheers Gerry