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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Abby,

I saw you also posted here, so I just wanted to connect the two. 

When viewing in your LMS, do you see the percentage score of the user? Were you tracking by the quiz results, or amount of the course completed? 

If you tracked by the quiz, which reporting status did you use: 

IEC STC Safety Training & Compliance

That’s a great question. I’m just learning the system. I don’t believe that we saw the user’s score. Can you provide more detail about the reporting options and which I should use if I only want the user to pass/complete if they score a 70% or above?

Thanks so much,

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Abby,

Rise will report completion based on the percentage of the course the user viewed or that they completed the quiz.  Within the Quiz settings you can set the passing score, and then it sounds like using "Passed/Incomplete" may fit your need? 

Here's where you can change the quiz passing score:

Have you also reached out to your LMS team to see if they had specifics you needed to use for exporting a SCORM course? I'd check if they had specifics or advice on which reporting status to use, SCORM output, etc. 

IEC STC Safety Training & Compliance

Hi Ashley,

We tried it again exporting it with the “passed/incomplete” tracking and the passing score set to 70%. This course also went right to complete. I only launched it and closed it. I didn't click on any other buttons. I’ve submitted a help request to our LMS developer. Is there anything else you would recommend? We are using Oracle - Taleo Learn. Are there known issues with compatibility?


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Abby,

Can you also test your course at SCORM Cloud?  It's a good, industry standard to test out LMS content and it'll help us figure out if there is anything wrong with the course as a whole. 

One other option, is you can enable the debug mode and upload that course to your LMS (or SCORM Cloud) and they you'll be able to watch the data that is passed back and forth. Our Support team can help you dig through this if needed - or you can share it with your LMS admin!  

Adventure Scientists

Hi Ashley, 

As far as I understand in this post, we have the ability to report whether the person Passed/Failed, but can we require them to take the quiz again if they don't pass?

Basically, we want the user to get 100% on the quiz and don't care how many times they take it. However, if they fail, their only option is to retake the quiz... not proceed.


Leslie McKerchie

Well hello Adventure Scientists and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

You can certainly do this. Since you require 100%, that means you know the answers the users are submitting and there is no room for variance. You have a couple of choices.

  1. If you allow unlimited attempts per question, then the user is essentially 'stuck' on the question until they get the correct answer. This would prevent the user from re-taking an entire quiz and would insure they would get 100%.
  2. You can allow the user to retake the quiz upon failing and not allow them to proceed past the slide until this requirement is met. Again, since reporting on the actual answers would not be required, I would advice tracking based on reaching a particular slide as this article shares.

Hopefully one of those will work well for you.

Katie Frassinelli

Hi Leslie, I just came across this post and have a question. It looks like this thread is about Rise, but I don't see how to do what you describe in your "Choice 1" above. I see where I can allow unlimited attempts of the whole quiz, but how can I set it to stick the user on a question and retry it until they get it right?

Leslie McKerchie

Well Katie, you're correct. This thread is about Rise and my answer is all Storyline. I cannot attest to where my brain was in this moment 4 months ago, but I do apologize to you now for introducing any confusion to the mix - and I appreciate you asking. This is not an individual question setting for Rise.

Ida Grisoni

I have a Rise course with final quiz, would like the user to be graded by the quiz at 80% and they could keep retaking until they get that pass. Thing is, the quiz keeps reporting a fail to the LMS if the user does not reach 80% and the quiz dissapears from their profile in my LMS (they have to be re-enrolled). Is there a way to allow the user to take again and again without reporting a fail to LMS? Can someone suggest a good alternative for what I am trying to achieve?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi John,

At the end of December, we released the feature to Require Passing Score to Continue in Rise.  You can see more details on this here. This setting only impacts Quizzes in Rise (not knowledge checks). 

Is that what you're currently using in your Rise quiz? Are your users trying to retake this while still in Rise as that feature should stop them from continuing until they pass, or are they having to relaunch it from the LMS? If the latter, I'd suggest reaching out to your LMS team for options and ideas! 

Tom Baer

Hello, I have similar questions about Rise.  We have a Course with a quiz at the end. It is set to Unlimited attempts, but passing is not required to continue. We are trying to interpret the interaction reports that we get out of SCORMCloud. We're having trouble understanding the results - for instance, when SCORMCloud says that 70% got an item correct, does that mean 70% got it right the first time?

So I'll start by asking - how do you recommend we set the Quiz settings in Rise to get the user experience we want and to get the reports we want.

For the user experience, we want people to have multiple attempts at each question, but to see the correct answer after a certain number of tries, say, two tries. 

Then in the reports, we want to be able to see for each learner and each item what they answered in each attempt, and whether they answered the item correctly before moving on to the next item.

We also need to see a summary report, that includes information such as the average number of attempts for each item.

The attached screenshot shows how I think we need to set the quiz settings. Can you tell me if that's correct, or if it's not correct, correct me?



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Tom, 

If you've set a course to have unlimited attempts, a learner can continue to retake the entire quiz as many times as they like. Within Rise there isn't an option to reattempt a question immediately after answering it, and if you'd want to show them the correct answer/feedback that will appear immediately after. The learners will need to wait until they land on the results screen to use the Take Again option and reanswer any questions. 

Rise will track all the attempts and answers, and we'll send the data to your LMS as noted here. How the data is reported out may vary based on each LMS, but if you're looking to customize that or dig a bit deeper than what you see, I'd suggest reaching out to the LMS team for additional ideas. 

Within SCORM Cloud it sounds like what you're seeing is that 70% of learners answered correctly, overall. It's not differentiating between attempts, but tracking if they answered correctly. If you want to see the actual data that's being passed back and forth you could also enable LMS debug mode. It can be a lot to wade through, but if you get stuck, our Support Team are well versed in parsing that out to make sense. 

Melissa Buckmaster

I have a question as well about quizzing in Rise. How does reporting to the LMS happen when there are unlimited attempts on a quiz? Let's say a user fails the quiz the first time, but passes the second time. Is the second score sent to the LMS or both? Does each quiz result replace the previous attempt?

Crystal Horn

Hi Melissa! Great question. There are two scenarios here: retaking the quiz without leaving the course, and exiting the course and retaking the quiz when resuming.

  • Without leaving the course: We will commit the most recent quiz score to the LMS when the learner finally exits the course.
  • When resuming a course after leaving: If learners didn't complete the course by passing the quiz, we will commit the most recent quiz score to the LMS when the learner exits again. If learners did complete the course (and passed), the score won't change if they retake the quiz.

Most LMSs follow these rules, but you should allow for some differences and follow up with your LMS team to see how they handle resuming courses.