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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Pam!

Instead of using the default "End Scenario" content, add a text content item to your scenario and customize it to represent the end of your scenario. Set its branching option to End Scenario.

Then make the last step in all the branches of your scenario go directly to the custom text content you designed rather than the built-in End Scenario option.

Give that a try and let me know how you like it!

Crystal Horn

No problem, Sherri. Here's what you can do while editing your scenario block:

  • Click the Add Content button at the bottom of the editing pane.
  • Choose Text content.
  • Add a header and some body text for the end of your scenario.
  • Set the behavior to Go to: End Scenario.

Let me know how that works for you!

Shelby Morris

I have browsed through several questions asked about the "end scenario" and I cannot get my final step in my scenario to display "end scenario" it just says start over.  I have tried everything I can think of and followed some of the other threads about ideas to help with the glitch.  Any help would be appreciated.


Karl Muller

Based on your screen shots, the End of Scenario page is working as expected.

The End of Scenario page simply gives you the opportunity to provide some final feedback, and that's it. There is no additional functionality.

On this page, the learner has two choices, ether repeat the Scenario using "Start Over", or choose a different lesson (if your navigation settings allow that.)

What were you expecting to see for the "end scenario" option that is not there?

alan coe

Hi, thanks for all the comments here, but Pam Wise and Shelby Morris both wanted to get rid of the "start over" button at the end of the scenario, and no one offered a solution. If a user has got to the end, maybe that means they've completed this lesson and there is no reason to start over. The user might feel they're being asked to start over when they shouldn't start over. Also, if you're not using a left column for navigation, how can you put a button overlay on the "end of scenario" image at the same place where "start over" is, or right next to it, which allows them to move on to the next lesson. I don't want them to have to scroll down to a continue button, because they might not see that or know they're supposed to scroll down. For instance in tablet landscape mode, they're not going to see a continue button. All they are going to see is the "start over" button. If your scenario block hasn't been using any "scroll down" at all then the user might easily miss that they're supposed to now scroll down to a continue button. In short, how do I put a continue button overlaid onto the "end of scenario" image,  in place of the start over button that is the default there? Thanks.

Karl Muller

Hi Alan, no solutions were offered to get rid of the "start over" button at the end of the scenario because there are none.

There is also no function within Rise to put a continue button overlaid onto the "end of scenario" image in place of the start over button. This is because you cannot overlay one block on top of another.

So any buttons you add will appear below the scenario block.


Alyssa Gomez

Hi Alan,

You could add some text at the end of the scenario (as shown below) to let learners know they should scroll down to proceed to the next lesson. 

As Karl mentioned, there isn't a way to remove the Start Over button because we want to give learners the option to review the content in the scenario if they want.

Linda Davis

There is a setting you can use to change that verbiage. Get to the main screen of your course, click on SETTINGS > LABELS, then search for SCENARIO. At the end of that section, you'll see where you can change the text for "START OVER" by entering your preferred text in the right-hand column. Good luck!