Rise Subscription Best Practices Question

Nov 22, 2021

My client is a large organization. They wish to hire different consultants to develop courses using Articulate 360/Rise. We expect that the consultants will disappear after development and their Articulate 360/Rise accounts  might expire. The organization will continue to edit the courses.

We want to ensure that the course development materials will remain accessible in the cloud after the consultant subscriptions end.  I have read the article below but I want to confirm the best practice:


Can you confirm whether this would be the best approach?

1. Organization purchases one license for Articulate 360/Rise.
2. One or more external consultants also purchase licenses for Articulate
3. After external consultants have finished developing their courses, they
   transfer course ownership to the organization's license.
4. The organization can now continue to edit the courses in the cloud.
5. If, in the future, the organization wishes to hire another consultant
   to edit an existing course:
     5.1. New consultant purchases articulate 360/Rise license
     5.2. Organization transfers course ownership to the new consultant
     5.3. Consulting transfers ownership of the course back to the organization's
            account once modifications are made



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Christopher Santos

Hi Thomas,

Thanks for writing to our Articulate community. The process you outlined should work. You could also consider adding these external consultants to your Articulate 360 Teams as seat members. I have seen some of our clients do this when they need an outside consultant to work on their courses. After they are done, you can remove the user from your team. One benefit to this option is that Articulate will ask what you want to do with the consultant’s content after removing them. Since you will want to retain the contents within your team, you can choose to transfer the content to someone else.

Suppose the external consultant already has their own Articulate 360 account. In that case, you can ask them to send a copy of the course to you instead of transferring the ownership of the course if the consultant needs to retain a copy. Here’s an article that should help decide when to use one over the other.

The above suggestions should align with the recommendations we made in the article “How Freelancers Work With Articulate 360 Teams,” taken from the consultant’s perspective.

I hope this helps!

John Morgan

Hi Andrea,

Great question! I understand you'd like to know if a consultant needs to have a 360 Teams account to work with others. I'm happy to get you some information about this!

A consultant doesn't need to have a 360 Teams license to work with other people but it does have its benefits. If you have an individual license for Articulate 360, you can ask them to send a copy of the course instead of transferring the ownership of the course when the consultant needs to have a copy for themselves. Here’s an article that should help you decide which method is best for you.

Thanks for reaching out!