Rise, SumTotal, .woff, and .ttf compatibility

Hi everyone,

We are doing some Rise testing, and wanted to see if anyone else has run into this issue... 

I tried uploading a Rise SCORM 1.2 package to our LMS (SumTotal) and received an error saying that our LMS is not compatible with .woff and .ttf font files.

I have an open ticket with support (#01053394) but wanted to reach out to the community to see if there are any known workarounds. Not sure if I should explore swapping out the font files in the SCORM package and editing the html, or if there is something a lot easier that I'm not seeing. Thanks everyone!

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Justin Grenier

Thanks for telling us about this, Luke!

I've confirmed that Rise needs both .woff and .ttf files in order to display fonts across all supported browsers.  SumTotal is probably compatible with these files and maybe this is just the first time they've seen them.  I'd recommend asking SumTotal to adjust their policy to allow .woff and .ttf files in published SCORM output.

Please let us know how it goes!

Luke Benfield

Just following up on the resolution for this. We found out that global admins on the account can alter the acceptable file extension list. We were able to do everything ourselves and Rise SCORM outputs are working great in chrome.

We are still troubleshooting IE11 issues. We have compatibility mode turned off, and our LMS also requires compatibility mode to be turned off, so we know the LMS isn't creating a window where it is forced to be back on. However, we get the blank, light grey screen when trying to access a Rise course in through our LMS while using IE11. 

Still troubleshooting that one...

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Luke for that update regarding the .woff files - glad they were able to help fix it! 

For the compatibility mode, were you able to test it using the steps Justin provided here?  I'd start there to confirm it's truly working as expected and then if you're also able to test the course at SCORM Cloud  that'll give us a bit more information about how it's behaving. 

Luke Benfield

Hi Ashley,

Yes, that was the thread I used to do our testing with all the IE11 compatibility mode checks. I will look into testing with SCORM Cloud. I suspect the issue is still with our LMS, because I can open the published Rise course in IE11 outside of the LMS. 

Will check back and post updates when we have more news to report.

Ashley Weser

Hi Luke,

 We were having the same challenge with SumTotal and I am happy to report that with global admin adjustments, the woff and tff fonts are no longer a problem.  Further, the file is working with screen readers as far as being tab navigable (which is sometimes a stumbling block with SumTotal).  A separate "screen reader and print friendly" attachment file may still be required, but  there is at least basic functionality.  Cheers!

Luke Benfield

Hi Ashley W. - What browser were you using to run the Rise course? Did you need to adjust any other settings in SumTotal to get it to work in IE11? We can upload the SCORM package fine, but when we launch the course through SumTotal in IE11 (Compatibility Mode turned off), we get the light grey blank screen in the SumTotal launch window... Works fine in Chrome and Edge.

Ashley T - I tested our course in SCORM Cloud and everything looked like it checked out. Seems to be an issue with SumTotal since I can launch the file in IE11 both from the Shared link through the Rise author site, as well as unzipping the SCORM package and launching the index file.

Any additional thoughts? 

Luke Benfield

Eureka! Finally found the fix. For any other SumTotal users, here is how to fix Rise courses when running in IE11 - 

Take the course out of production and move into stage. Next, click the Optional button and then go to the General settings under Web-Based Training. Under the Content Player Settings header, check the box to "Open content player in native mode." 

That's the fix.

You'll still see the light grey screen (I'm assuming this is similar to the Storyline spinning wheel load screen) at the beginning, but the course will load nonetheless.

Thanks everyone for your input on this.

Luke Benfield

Hi Carlos,

I'm not sure about version 7.6. The only version number I could find for our system is v17.1.2.3.

This is the first time I have used SumTotal, so unfortunately I am not familiar with previous versions. You may need to reach out to ST to find out if there is a similar feature/check box in 7.6.

Sorry I can't be more helpful.