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Jan 24, 2018

When we export a new Rise build and upload it onto our LMS (which is our own LMS) and clear out previous old files and replace them with new files. When we go to launch the course we get a Gray screen and the course will not load. The only way we can get a course to load is to clear the suspend data. It seems that the suspend data from the old build and the new build are causing a conflict.  

Any suggestions on how might be able to get around this as of right now we have to go and clear the suspend data for that user so they can access the course every time. 


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Total CSR

Hello Allison,

Do you know that date for when the old suspend-data was transitioned to the new suspend-data?

My goal is to see which courses are being effected by this and making sure that they are 100% fully updated/corrected before the next suspend-data update occurs.

(BTW, I'm still experiencing issues when updating courses and so we are having to figure out a workaround especially since, even if the courses do open, they don't maintain the user's progress)

Total CSR

Hello Crystal,

Thank you for your quick response. Regarding your last statement, this doesn't seem to be the case for our courses. I've corrected grammar/spelling/answers and replaced the old version with a new version (the complete xAPI file) and it has always maintained our users' progress within the courses (which we are VERY happy about).

To that point, the issue with opening courses that have been updated only started in June of this year. When replacing an older version of a course, the course now doesn't open (but this doesn't happen with all our courses). It was fine before then, we ran into some saved progress issues, but we were always able to at least open the course through our LMS.

Since it's become impossible to just update our courses (suspend_data encryption/update is 100% to blame), we unfortunately have to pay a third-party to create a workaround for our business to phase out our older courses.


Crystal Horn

I'm sorry to hear you've had to make some changes. I hear you that learner progress has been retained in the past in your LMS with small updates to your output, but we broadly don't support retaining progress on updated content. I hope that information helps you build a strategy for updating content going forward.

Karl Muller

Our LMS allows us two choices when uploading a new SCORM package for an existing course.

We can either update the content  in the event that there are just minor changes such as fixing typos and other small issues that do not require learners to repeat the content. Using this option maintains all past student course progress. From a learner perspective nothing changes.

The second option is to completely replace the course content. This resets all learner student progress data. We send out an email to all students before we do a replace and inform them that they need to repeat the content as there are significant changes.

This is an important distinction for us, as we do not want (or need) to lose student progress data each and every time an update is made.

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