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Apr 13, 2017

If anyone is on the fence or considering Rise, I'd like to share my experience.

My organization reviewed the project Erinn Daniels created (Home Depot Onboarding) and we wanted something similar. I have no programming or technical background whatsoever. Word and basic PowerPoint are about as technical as I can get. I signed up for my free 30 day trial of Articulate 360 this morning, and within a few hours created a very professional looking product! It's very intuitive and I still can't believe I put this together!

If you are worried that you need training to use this program, fret no longer! You only need your images/videos and basically drag and drop, it's fail/fool proof!

My organization has a VERY small budget but I will be pleading the case that Articulate is a necessity! 


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James Washington

I'm just getting around to taking a look at, and evaluating Rise for my project purposes and have a general question. I watched the 18 min introductory video and was really impressed at the ease and intuitive features available in the application. The question I have relates to timelines and if this is a function available in Rise. I have a project I am working on that is designed with images that fade in and out that are controlled via a timeline. I would like to recreate this project using Rise if I can create a narrated scene with images appearing for a period of time, then disappearing within the same frame/scene. Is this possible in Rise?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Semaj,

Have you created this project in another tool already, such as Storyline? 

Rise and Storyline are a bit different in terms of how you create your courses. I find this article on How the Pros use Rise and Storyline helpful to know which tool in the Articulate 360 suite I should use. 

If you had this course created in Storyline already (or another tool) could you look at creating an MP4 of it and inserting that into Rise? Peek does great job screen recording and you could narrate it while recording the screen. 

James Washington

Unfortunately I created the project in Adobe Captivate and would have to start from scratch were I to go to Storyline. I wanted to try Rise first because I had never used the tool. I can export as an MP4 but from what I read thus far regarding file sizes in Rise I'm not sure if it will be a suitable solution. Thanks for replying and I will make sure to check out the article you suggested.


Jamie, thank you so much for sharing this.  I have started to use RISE to augment the courses we have created for training volunteers as  Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA's).  Your course made me aware that I can also use RISE to increase the community's understanding about CASA as well as onboarding for our new Volunteers, once they are sworn 

Sheri Lee

Jamie thank you for sharing. My experience with Rise has been equally wonderful. We are rolling out projects to help new non-accounting employees better understand the basics of financial statements. I'm using the Label Graphic to explain each section of the report. 

Next I plan to add voice over audio to explain beyond the text. 

James Washington

Hi everyone,

I have a request to create several courses using Rise and want to know if content is easily replicable from one course to the next? Or will I need to create each content item (slide) independently from scratch even if they are the same? I have to create 8 modules and don't want to create a new introduction or course instruction slide if they are identical. I don't see a way to replicate slides with redundant content, is there an easy answer?

James Lavis

I can also attest that working for a fortune 500, that we are making the switch to Rise from Storyline. The appetite for that style has died here, even more so since we showcased projects based in rise. Although there are a few shortcomings with Rise in the assessment area, its flow is much better aligned with how we consume media at home. Time for change my friends.

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