Rise translation using Systran

Jul 26, 2023


We are using Systran for machine translation and when we get the .xlf file imported back in Rise it only get the Lesson titles translated and some blocks (like buttons). The rest of the training (text blocks, interactive blocks, lists, quotes, statements, etc...) remains un-translated. 

Is there a reason why Rise XLF files are not being able to get translated with Systran?

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Lea Agato

Hi Valeria,

When you export your translation file, can you try unchecking this setting:

When this option is selected,  you'll see additional HTML tags and extra spaces in your XLIFF file. There are used to preserve formatting when you import your translated file, but sometimes the tags don't work with some translation software. Removing this option exports your content in easy-to-translate blocks of text. However, it doesn’t contain the coding necessary to maintain any formatting you’ve applied to that content. 

Let me know if this helps!