Rise - Using Button Stack Block as an Anchor Link?

Jan 16, 2018

Hi All,

I'm trying to do a little experiment in Rise. Let's think of it like this: I have two longer pieces of content in a Blocks lesson, Content A and Content B. Instead of Content A/B being separate lessons and having a "branching page" (i.e., "Where do you want to go?") for the user to pick, what I'd like to do is to use the button stack and direct them further down the page, to the spot where Content A or Content B sits. 

Do you think this is possible? Ultimately, it would mean I'd need to put anchor links in the page, but that's not an option yet in Rise, as I understand it. Thoughts?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hey Andrew!

Although Rise currently doesn't have a feature that allows you to link to a particular block within a lesson, I can definitely see how that would be useful! 

Would you mind telling us a bit more about how you envision that to work in a feature request here? Our customers drive our product roadmap, so thanks for letting us know how we can make Rise even better. :)

CEPOL Module Administrator eLearning Team

This would be agreat feature to add! We have long courses and several lessons and we want to be able to link form one chapter to another with hyperlinked text. We have use the button stack for an FAQ but it is not the best visual solution for long texts.

So +1 from me!