Rise360 Team Collaboration Features are extremely limiting

Hi there Heroes! Just wanted to add my thoughts on Rise360's team collaboration features... or rather, near total lack of them. 

At the moment, about the only collaborative features present are - add people to your Team and share your course with individuals. After that, the collaboration starts. 

There is no bulk course management, so if your team is 5 - 6 people, you have to go into each course, and type in everyone's email individually. There's no "Share with Team" feature. "Share with Team" course behaviour should have automated options, where ALL new courses created by a team member are immediately shared with everyone else on the team as Collaborators or Course Admin. Courses should also be able to be sorted into Projects or Curriculums. Right now, all Courses are just courses with no structure, and the sorting/filtering options are limited. 

There should also be a common Team space where all of the Team's courses are laid out in a logical manner, ideally sorted by Project. 

I know that maybe originally Rise360 wasn't intended for large-scale course production by a multi-person team, but it is being used as such by more and more organizations - so the collaboration/team management feature set needs to be greatly expanded! 

Thank you kindly. 

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Lea Agato

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on Rise 360's Team Collaboration Feature, Alex!  We continuously explore new ways to improve Rise and customer input is extremely valuable in that process, so thanks for your feedback. I'll be sure to let my team know about it. We'll let you know here if we make changes that will help!