Saving progress in a RISE course after it is loaded on an LMS.

I am new to the board and hoping I am able to ask about RISE here as well as Articulate 360.   I am uploading RISE courses to the Schoox LMS system and learners are reporting that when they leave a course before completing it the Rise course shows where they left off but the system makes them go back several blocks and repeat them because it wants them completed in order (which is checked off in set-up).  We are working with the Schoox team but are not sure if this is a RISE issue or an LMS issue.  Any ideas?  Thanks!

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Katie Riggio

Welcome, Diane! You're definitely in the right place for help 🌟

While the resume behavior for Rise courses is controlled by the LMS, we did have an issue where learners would be brought back to the beginning of a block and the progress bar would reset. A fix for this bug was launched on 5.18.18. Just to be sure, can I confirm what date you exported the course for LMS? 

Additionally, have you had a chance to test the project in SCORM Cloud yet? We generally compare the behavior in SCORM Cloud to your LMS' experience to see where the problem lies. If you're able to share the zipped export package, we're happy to help with testing!