SCORM 1.2 - UTF-8 Help

Apr 03, 2019


I appreciate this query perhaps relates to SCORM more than Articulate but I'm hoping someone in the community can help.

We're publishing Rise content (with Storyline embeds) to SCORM 1.2. When the course is opened via SCORM Cloud or our LMS the encoding seems to be set to Western Europe, not UTF-8. This causes some characters (') in the Storyline embeds to render as a string of characters instead of the correct symbol, when viewed in IE11. Chrome is fine. 

I am checking the encoding being used by going to View > Encoding in IE11. Prior to the course opening, IE is set to UTF-8, but this is overridden by the course. Looking at the html files, manifest etc, everything seems to be set to UTF-8 so not sure where the issue is.

When content is viewed on Articulate Review all is fine.

Can any SCORM experts please help? 



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