SCORM Package Export Does Not Include Knowledge Check/Quiz Settings

Oct 16, 2023


I tried to export my Rise 360 content into a scorm package to upload into an LMS.  The issue is that I cannot select an option to track the course progress using quiz results.  Regardless of the scorm version I select, the quiz option is greyed out.  My course content does have a knowledge check section that was built with knowledge check blocks.  Can someone please advise what adjustments I can try to be able to export the scorm package that will track quiz results?

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Karl Muller


According to your screenshot, you have not yet created any Quizzes in your course. 

Knowledge Check blocks that exist in A Rise Lesson, are not tracked, and therefore cannot be used to track course completion.

Once you have created a Quiz, it will appear on the Course Publish Settings page and you will be able to select it.