Scrolling issue using firefox on RISE courses

May 27, 2020

Hi, I am experiencing an issue when the learner is using Firefox and they try and scroll to the bottom of a page in various RISE produced courses.It seems that Firefox only gives a single scroll bar that does not control the course content only the window. Therefore the learner is unable to see any content further down the page or click on the continue block to progress. If Chrome or edge are used they both have two scrollbars so is fine.

If they have a mouse with a scroll wheel then it works fine, but if they do not then they are stuck.

 I have got around the issue by asking the learner to use the arrow keys on the keyboard or to use a two fingered slide on a laptops track pad.

Have you any advice please? Have i missed a publishing setting or something?



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Ivor Thynne

Yes I am publishing to launch in a new window,

What I am not understanding is why does this make a difference to Firefox content only and not Chrome or Edge, I am not following the logical fault steps here surely it would affect all browsers not just one or have I missed something about publishing for multiple browser functionality?

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Ivor Thynne

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Alyssa Gomez

Hello, Ivor!

I tested this behavior on Firefox version 76 with a course that opens in a new window, and I was able to use scrollbars to navigate the course. Please click here to view a screen recording of my testing.

Could you please test my sample course in your browser and let me know if you see scrollbars in Firefox? You can access the sample course by clicking this link. 

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