Shared Team Folders?

May 20, 2022


My understanding is that on my Teams account, Folders in Rise 360 are only visible to the individual, rather than the whole team. Is that correct?

If so, does anyone have a solution for using Folders when there is a handful of people on the team managing many Articulate courses?



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Hazel Bartolome

Hi Steve! Yes you are correct, folders in Rise 360 are only visible to the individual. Thanks for letting us know that you need shared team folders in Rise. I have added your voice to the feature request and we'll update this thread if we make any changes.

In the meantime, here’s how you can work on a course with other members of your team in Rise 360. 

Jeffrey Roden

+1 For Shared Team Folders. It doesn't make sense to have an individual folder that you cannot move a course into because it is owned by someone else. Nobody else can see my individual folder, so why will they care how I organize the courses they own?

A "Team" in Rise just seems to have no definition, really. Ownership isn't shared. Folders aren't shared. Cats and dogs team up better than this.

Karl Muller

Hi Sam,


Rise 360 Team Folders

Create shared team folders to organize your Rise 360 content, assign permissions, and invite collaborators.

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