Sharing Rise 360 courses with students

Nov 01, 2023

I was wondering if someone could help me figure out the best way to share an actual Rise 360 course with a class of students.  I have been using Rise 360 at my institution but I have been creating separate modules as Rise courses and exporting them to our LMS which is D2L Brightspace.  Our institution is hopeing to start working with a vendor who needs courses delivered in a format that is totally mobile phone friendly and I know Rise 360 has that capability. When I looked up information on how to deliver courses, I found that Reach 360 would be the best but our institution currently doesn't have a subscription. I can check with someone on getting one but in the meantime, I need some assistance on the best way to deliver without Reach 360. I tested publishing a course and I received a zip file.  I went to the zip file and extracted the contents but past there I'm not sure how to proceed. If someone could provide me with the some assistance as soon as possible that would be wonderful. Thank you.

-Dana Von Berg

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Judy Nollet

To launch a published Rise course, double-click the index.html file.

  • Depending on how it was zipped, you might have to look in the "content" folder to find it and the associated files. 

Of course, sharing a .zip with the published files and telling people to extract and launch the course isn't a great way to share a project. It would be much better to have the published course on a web server (or LMS/LRS). If the vendor you mentioned doesn't have their own web space to store the course, ask your IT folks what's available. 

Here's more info about publishing for the web: Share Rise 360 Content - E-Learning Heroes ( 

Dana Von Berg

Thank you for this information Judy. I followed the instructions at the link you provided and I was able to open the index.html file in a browser. It displayed most of the course content but the videos that I had embedded in the modules were missing. I only saw a blank box where the videos were supposed to be.  When Rise content is shared via the web, does it not pick up what was embedded in the course, e.g. videos, documents with iframe codes, etc.? Please let me know if you, or anyone else, has any information on this.  Thanks again for your help Judy.


Judy Nollet
Judy Nollet
Smart Spend Team

When I open up the index.htlm a blank webpage opens up. Does it matter which browser I open it in?

HTML is a standard language for web pages. Therefore, when you open an index.html file, it shouldn't matter what browser you use. Although there might be some differences based on settings in different browsers, any web browser should be able to display the content in an HTML page. 

For troubleshooting, I suggest you republish the Rise course. Be sure to keep all the published files together, within the same hierarchy of folders.

If you do that and still don't see the course when you open the index.html file, I suggest you contact the Articulate staff for help. You can do that here: Contact Support for Help with Any Articulate E-Learning Course Development Software