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Bob Bachynsky

Was there ever a solution for this it's a real pain in the...well let's just say it's a pain. I've got courses with multiple (iFrame) embedded videos and they all auto launch at once. Block type is Multimedia/Embed. iFrame code example: <iframe src="https://...Difference.mp4" width="1200"></iframe>

Lea Agato

Hi Bob, I’m sorry you’re running into this issue. Have you tried adding continue blocks between your videos? This will allow you to progressively show your content and prevent auto-play.

If the issue persists, we’d like to take a look at your course so we can get a clearer picture of what’s happening. You can send your course share privately here.  Thanks!

Nancy Kohn

Hello, I am currently having this issue with my Rise course. As soon as the page loads the embedded video begins playing, even if it is not yet on screen. Is adding "continue" blocks the only way to remedy this issue? I would rather not use the continue block but I can try to work that into my course if it's the only way. 

Jay Haselwander

Same issue.  How disappointing that this was reported 2 years ago and is still an issue today.  The Continue divider does prevent them from all playing together but it still plays the first video once the Continue button is pressed (versus waiting for the learner to press play on the video).  I'll submit a support case but why hasn't this been addressed after 2 years?

Bob Bachynsky

I think the point is Continue buttons are work arounds and really ruin the look and feel of the final product. I don't think people mind using a work around once or twice but it is not a permanent solution. It's been three years since the issue was first reported. We all know it takes time to work through a bug list, but at three years you just aren't trying to fix it.