Storyline Block in RISE has "player" around it

Oct 30, 2020

GOAL: Have an interactive Storyline block in RISE without any type of "player" around it.

I created one interactive page in Storyline 360, set no menu/resources/nav buttons - Classic player and made it white, published to Review. Made a Storyline Block in RISE, and imported that Review link to the block, and the interactive block on the page has my interactive page, wrapped in what looks like the Modern player. I just want it to be my interactive page -- with nothing around it. What am I doing wrong?

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Tom Kuhlmann

The storyline content will always have a player embedded in Rise. 

However, you can minimize the player. Select modern player and turn off al features. I'd also go into the slide and turn off the prev/next buttons

This should give you the most low profile player possible. If the block in Rise is the same color as the player you shouldn't notice it at all

Math Notermans

Check this... no visible player and button whatsoever on mobile. And mininal changes to the Articulate files.. thus...although Storyline needs a player it doesnot to be visible, even on mobile! As proven in my last tests in this thread...

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