Storyline blocks in Rise

Mar 20, 2019

Hi All,

I built a Storyline block and put it in Rise. It is decent on a PC but quite clunky on a mobile. I feel the ease of use and flow of Rise is not reflected in the embedded Storyline. It kept hanging on a mobile and I tested it both on Android as well as iPhone. I have decided to not use the SL blocks.

I am using Rise Process as a substitute but it comes with step 1...step x added to it which is not what I want. I cant seem edit to edit the step1..x 

Would appreciate help in this. Thanks in advance


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Ned Whiteley

Hi Ayesha,

Although, as Nicole says, you cannot currently remove the Step text in its entirety, one option you do have is to edit the text. Unfortunately the numbering system will remain, but you can either use a different word in front of the number or, by typing a single space instead of text, all you will see above your process stages are the numbers 1, 2, 3 etc.

Editing the Step label text is accessible through the Settings option. Although not exactly what you are after, the number-only option maybe a fair compromise.


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