Storyline in Rise not working in phone browser

Feb 24, 2020

I'm using Rise to create an online tutorial for students, with a few interactive elements from Storyline. These look fine in the desktop, but when I check using my phone, there are two issues:

1. The interactive Storyline diplays as a black rectangle wih a play button in it. It does play when I click on the play button, but I wonder why it should appear like this on the phone compared to on a pc?  I'm seeing the same issue with Firefox and Chrome browsers.

2. For another Storyline, after I click the play button, the first screen shows a URL that is clickable on my pc. But the link is not clickable on my phone (pardon this image as I've blurred out the url):


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Alyssa Gomez

Great questions, Ruby!

  1. Learners using a mobile device will see a play button on top of the Storyline block, so this is expected behavior. Tapping the play button will initiate the Storyline slide to play in the mobile browser.
  2. I'd like to test the clickable URL from my side.  If you don't mind us having a look at your course, you can send the Share link privately by clicking here. We'll be standing by!

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