Survey or Short Answer Questions

Jun 28, 2017

Absolutely love Rise, but one feature I'm hoping is coming in the future, or better yet, I'm just not realizing is an option.

I'd love the ability to put in a box for my end users to fill out their own thoughts on a subject, a survey or short answer question.  Is that something that's possible in Rise? 

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Chino Navarro

Great news! Announcing the beta of question banks in Rise 360!

Create randomized quizzes by drawing from a bank of prepared questions. You have the flexibility to use question banks for knowledge check blocks or quizzes—giving you options for how and when you want to check or test a learner’s knowledge. And if you’re an Articulate 360 Teams subscriber, you can easily share question bank folders with other team members to ensure consistency across your organization’s courses.

Find out more about creating, managing, and using question banks in our Rise 360 User Guide.


Megan Thorne

Another vote for ungraded surveys within Rise. At the very least, let us turn off the feature where learner sees feedback. If it wasn't so blaring with the giant dial and animations it might not be as distracting but it is very hard to even try to disguise a quiz question as a non-graded question. I've just created a multiple-response knowledge check so it doesn't look like only one answer is correct, where we must both ask the learner to please only select one option (no guarantee they will comply) AND explain to please ignore the score they receive at the end since this was set up as a quiz for data collection purposes. So clunky this way but no other work-arounds to keep all the data together.