Survey or Short Answer Questions

Jun 28, 2017

Absolutely love Rise, but one feature I'm hoping is coming in the future, or better yet, I'm just not realizing is an option.

I'd love the ability to put in a box for my end users to fill out their own thoughts on a subject, a survey or short answer question.  Is that something that's possible in Rise? 

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Nicola Fern

Absolutely. This seems like a trivial thing to do, since all you need is to not have to nominate a correct answer, and allow us to perhaps give 'feedback' according to the answer selected.  Short answers also seem like they should be relatively straightforward.  Rise is behind the curve on this one.  I'm having to get people to take out pad and pen to write some reflections.

The solution of using an online form isn't great as others have said, both because it divorces the answers from the context (LMS), and because of privacy/GDPR issues.

Christopher Caldwell

Thank you!

I am hoping that since RISE sends a data file - that file can simply be exported and parsed by excel after wards as long as it saves the basic file to the web server.


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sara stanton

another hand in the air asking for rise to have non graded , fill in free form answer accept-all-responses command (rather than correct or incorrect) . im writing a mental health course where i'm  asking students to reflect on questions and give thoughts and options - so correct ./ incorrect is useless as answers are subjective rather than factual . 

Will Findlay

Sometimes I wonder if Articulate doesn't implement certain features (like this one) because they don't want to have to support it. For example, maybe they are worried that someone will start using Rise as a way to have people submit critical data. And they don't want to be put in a position where someone expects them to retrieve the data when an issue arises.