Survey questions in Rise 360?

Jun 11, 2020

I am working on a compliance course and want to use Rise 360. There are a few polling type questions that we want to ask learners for and be able to see their responses within our Saba LMS. In addition to this, we have an assessment that learners need to score 80% to comply.

I've been playing around in Rise 360 but I cannot figure out the best way to do this. Here is what I need.

Survey/poll questions:

  • I need to be able to have our LMS record the learner responses to two questions. Since they are survey type questions (what type of device are they using to complete the course, etc.), there is no correct or incorrect response. I know how to stop the "Correct" or "Incorrect" from displaying.
  • However, is there a way to not have a quiz results slide display?


  • Within the same course, and at a very different location than when I ask the survey questions, I need to have an assessment. This I understand how it works and have no issues.
  • If it is possible to have survey type questions and an assessment, how do I set it up to ensure that both 'quizzes' report correctly via the LMS for the exact same course?

Example of the survey type questions (the others are learner role specific)

Any information is greatly appreciated. I've watched the training webinar on Rise 360 assessments and quizzing. I understand the difference between knowledge check and quiz... just not sure how to do polling/survey type questions in one section of the course and an actual scored assessment in another section.


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Jane Ahern

Adding my vote for survey block AND a built-in, simpler way to incorporate reflection questions in the form of a printable learning journal in a Rise course.  Thanks to Mike Amelang for this awesome work-around

Will also add these requests to: as suggested by Kathy Wasson.

Karl Muller

We use a third party survey tool, and we are very impressed with its functionality.

Yes, there is a cost associated with it, but a dedicated survey tool also has many benefits. Our entire organization uses this tool for things like customer satisfaction surveys, so several departments share the costs.

You can easily create any type of survey question. Data is collected anonymously, and the student is never identified. So there are no security and privacy issues as no personal data is ever captured. 

It provides an embed code that works seamlessly in Rise, and students complete the survey within the Rise course. This tool greatly enhances our Rise course feedback process.

The survey tool we use has some standard reports but you can also create your own reports and get very deep into detailed analysis if you need to.

Even if Articulate eventually decides to create a Rise survey block, it will most likely not match the capabilities of a dedicated tool.

We have been benefitting from successfully using the third party tool for several years.

Kim Myers

Ok - well - can we create a survey using storyline 360 and capture the results of each question? 

and, is quizmaker still a "thing" to use - it does not seem to offer the same rich functionality as storyline 360 - so i'm just making sure that it really is not needed with the storyline 360 features and quizzing tools - please confirm.


Kim Myers

oh - and count my vote to add a survey tool within rise - we need to create self assessments and embedding a survey is really not practical or even useful - if i'm going to use an external tool, then i'm going to send them a direct link to it - no need to waste time with embedding since it's not tracking within the lms (imo)

John Cooper

I know this is not really what many of the developers on this thread need - as they are looking for the survey results to be stored centrally in the LMS...

But it would be possible to create a survey using sliders in a Storyline block and then put the results in a downloadable pdf file. We have used this approach in Storyline for a number of courses and have recently had success creating a downloadable pdf from a Storyline block within RISE.

Not easy - but possible...

John Cooper

Hi Kim

I can provide an example of how we have done this in Storyline - I will just have to modify one of our client projects as they are proprietary - I'll just create a simple survey - shouldn't take me too long.

Will send a link ASAP.

In the meantime, here's a link to the other part of what we are working on - this demonstrates downloading a pdf notes page from a Storyline block in RISE. This is brand new - we only got it working a couple of days ago - apologies if it's not fully tested...

Note that the pdf is created from a pdf form template. The Storyline gets input from the learner and then uses it to populate the pdf form - which the learner then downloads.

Kathy Wasson

John-While I completely appreciate the ingenuity in your proposed solution and believe it could be a really great tool for other learning needs, it does not at all address the purpose or need of a survey question directly in a course, in that it does not report the interaction to the LMS. That is the entire point of the request, and the whole reason many people publish SCORM files for an LMS...the ability to capture the interaction. There is simply no way to capture the audience interaction with a non-graded question using Rise, and get that data to the LMS.

I truly do see how your solution could be really beneficial to a lot of scenarios. But I don't think it really gets to the problem, that I believe Articulate should have solved by now...

John Cooper

Hi Kathy

I totally agree with what you are saying - To be fair I did say at the beginning of my original reply:

"I know this is not really what many of the developers on this thread need - as they are looking for the survey results to be stored centrally in the LMS..."

But I didn't want to start a new thread in case this might work for even a couple of the many, many developers that have requested this facility. As you say, it could be a solution in some circumstances....

...but we definitely need the facility building into RISE!

John Cooper

Hi Kim

After a little searching I found a course we did a couple of years ago that had a downloadable survey (results are downloaded as a pdf) that I could plunder for a demo:

I should emphasise that this demo - in its current form - would NOT work as a Storyline block in RISE😒. It uses the JavaScript library "jsPdf" and requires the HTML files to be edited after publishing the course.

But, as my earlier posts explain - we have now discovered ways to overcome that using the "pdf-lib" library. It would take some work to modify, but it is definitely possible to do. pdf-lib also has some better tools for drawing in a pdf.

We will put it on our "interesting projects to have a go at" list. But it may not get done just yet.

I would appreciate your thoughts - and comments on the demo....

John Cooper

Hi Charlie

Did you mean is there any update on an update to RISE to capture the results from a survey block? ...Or an update on us producing a JavaScript version of the demo we posted that would work as a Storyline block in RISE?

If the latter, then we have had a look at it but haven't tackled the job yet. There are a few challenges - not insurmountable - but tricky.