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Jun 15, 2017

Does anyone have any experience with running courses exported from Rise into Talent LMS? We are having major issues with it not bookmarking and sending learners in a loop to complete content they have already been through.

Any Ideas welcome to solve this issue

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Elise!

I don't have experience specifically with Talent LMS, but it's a good idea to double-check the published output in SCORM Cloud, a handy and free tool for LMS testing. If you find the same bookmarking issue happens there, we'll definitely want to take a closer look at your course.

If not, that's really valuable information to bring to your LMS support team. They'll know best how to troubleshoot LMS-specific issues. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Paul,

What Rise tracking method are you using? If you're tracking by a quiz we'll send that score to your LMS. If you're tracking by completion percentage, Rise will tell the LMS that the user has completed the course once they reach the percentage you set. 

As for the bookmarking, can you tell me a bit more about what's happening? It would be a good idea to test it in another environment such as SCORM Cloud to see how it compares there for tracking and bookmarking. 

Paul Urwin

We're looking to work with TalentLMS and one of our clients course content was produced in Rise and we're experiencing some weird issues with videos and firefox not being able to be put into full screen mode.

TalentLMS says it is an issue with using CDN and they can disable for our account.  We checked & the error shows up in SCORM Cloud as well.  I wonder is it something with RISE CDN and hosting of the files?  Anyone else find a work around or solution for the issue?

Paul Urwin

Thanks Martika, the content is being produced by our partner and they have the Rise license so I'll ask that they submit the support request directly.  

It's weird as the course works fine in Chrome, but the [ ] to expand to full screen in FireFox or IE does not work - it's there, but won't actually expand the content to full screen.  TalentLMS has not exactly been helpful.

How are video files (and the assocaited HTML5 player controls like full screen) stored in Rise - I understand that our client has team/enterprise edition so they have unlimited hosting.  The folks at TalentLMS are saying that when they disable CDN on our account things work fine so it "sounds" like something with the way Rise stores  the video file/player is not being exported or read properly by the CDN at TalentLMS.

Hopefully our client can sort it out with Rise support - thanks for the link!

Paul Knights

Hi Phillipe,

Never had any problems with RISE courses being responsive on mobile - after all that's what it was built for. All our RISE courses respond nicely on mobile platforms using Talent LMS. Checked on both chrome mobile browser and using the Talent app this morning - all ok.

However, Talent tell me that they currently don't support 'individual' score reporting from a scorm package. hence my gripe earlier in the thread about it not tracking that well.