Target tags (or the lack of) in xliff files

Jun 24, 2021

We use a translation company to translate XLIFF files from RISE. Today the XLIFF file from RISE  is missing <target> tags, and this causes extra work (and therefore cost). The <target> tags must be added manually. Is there a way to create an XLIFF file in RISE that has a <target> tag for each corresponding <source> tag?

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Renz Sevilla

Hi Ellen!  I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble recently with Rise 360 XLIFF files. Could you please try clearing your browser cache, duplicating the course, and exporting again? If you still have trouble and it's missing the <target> tags, please open up a case with us so we can investigate further.

Nick Briggs

Hi Ellen,

The XLIFF <source> file from RISE will have all the <source> tags. The Xliff file you receive back from your translation provider should have all the corresponding <target> tags. 

In the situation you outline above the XLIFF <target> tags have not been carried across from the XLIFF <source> during the translation process.

Quality Assurance by your translation should pick this up before they deliver the XLIFF file to you.

You would not create a RISE XLIFF file with <target> tags (this would be done during translation). RISE will only create a <source> XLIFF file for translation.

If you have any other RISE translation related questions please feel free to ask me.