Target windows for links in Rise

Jan 24, 2017

I have created a course in Rise with some links to external websites. When you click on the link within the editing window the link website opens in a new target window. However, when you publish the course the link opens in the same window forcing the learner to use the back button every time they want to return to the course. Is there a way round this so all links open in new target windows?


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Pieter Uytterhoeven

Hi Alyssa, both - the customer and ourselves want the trainee to be able to return to the *same location* in the original page, after clicking to visit another page.

Right now, if you click a link on a page, which opens in the same tab and you then hit "back", you shoot back to the top of the previous page, instead of your original location on the page, where you clicked that link.

The simplest solution seems to me to open the linked page in a new tab, so that when you close that new tab, you drop back to the original tab, which is still on the original location on the page. This applies to both external websites or internal links within Rise courses.

This is a standard functionality of a lot of modern websites, and people simply seem to expect it. 

Mike Wilson

I wouldn't hold much hope. That would need them to implement anchor tags, wouldn't be hard to do in the same menu but it would take a decent amount of time when you throw whatever testing procedure they follow as it be a bit more difficult with a responsive editor like rise is. I'm just waiting for the ability to choose what tab my link opens to (that was in storyline 8 years ago).. 

Sally Diab

hello, I have a related question. When a learner click on an external link, it opens in a new window which is great, but when they close this window and go back to the window they were on, it actually makes them start from the beginning of the module instead of where they left off when they clicked on think link, It's time consuming and annoying when they have to scroll through the module to get to where they were at. 

Is there any way around this?