Text entry blank in Rise

Jan 11, 2018

I'm developing some material and the project owner has asked about the feasibility of allowing end users to input text which could be reported back to our LMS. We'd then view the entered text and use the information to direct future training efforts. I had to tell the owner this isn't possible now but that I'd ask if something like this was forthcoming. Are there any plans for adding text entry as a block/interaction/quiz option?

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Marc Koenecke

Hi Alyssa,

I'd like to capture text responses to a video / audio file I'm embedding in a course.  Just as the questions above I'll just need to be able to collect this data and not score it.  Can I create something in Storyline and them have this fed through to our LMS?  So far all we've done is record success or incomplete so this will be something new.

Love RISE it's all I use for my course development atm.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lionel,

A Storyline quiz in Rise can be used for tracking purposes, including the score, but it won't send individual quiz question data to your LMS. 

Rise does have a Fill in the Blank question type, but it sounds like that won't be enough space for your learners to type? I do know a few other folks have asked for a "Survey block" where learners could enter in a larger amount of text. If that would fit your needs I can let our team know that there is another vote for it! 

Tilt User1

Hi, +1 for an open ended/free text question. Also another thing that would be good but maybe a bit more technical would be to have an audio recorded answer so when our students what to add a free text answer they could record there response. I see this feature is available the other way around, me or the Lecturer can record audio and build it in for the viewer/student to listen to.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks, Tilt for adding your voice! That really helps our team as they prioritize features and new ideas for Rise. 

For the recorded response, are you imagining that they'd record directly in Rise? How would that recording be passed to an LMS for you to listen to it? Do you know of any examples that I could share with the team? If you'd prefer you can also send them more detail through a feature request!

Justin Phillips

Has there been any movement as far as adding this feature? Based on this thread, there is a clear demand. I think that Rise is a great product and I would like to promote it throughout my organization, but the lack of flexibility with things like this and font coloring/sizing are frustrating my customers and making it difficult for me to gain buy-in at the leadership level.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Justin and Laura, 

I'll keep you posted here as soon as we have more information on if this feature will be released to Rise. We don't have a roadmap, but our team does update the “What’s New” page with upcoming popular features and changes, so that's another place to learn more about additions before they come out in Rise. 

Thanks for adding your voice, as that does help us understand what features are critical for authors and ensures we're building tools that fit your needs and that you love.