text overlay same as Labeled graphic

Feb 11, 2019

Hello, it's possible to create a labelled graphic with hot-spot overlays providing a text explanation.

I need something like this but in a text overlay situation instead of an image overlay.  The reason for the request is that we have course designers that want a glossary function for terminology. A glossary that's not on a different page to which they have to navigate; I can't have them leaving the page to read a definition. Even if it's just an underline...
Is there anything like this on the horizon?

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Jeff Forrer

I end up doing what I can't in Rise in Storyline and inserting that into Rise.  Responsiveness isn't too bad as long as you make the stage a reasonable size.  

Here is an example from Dan Winter in another discussion of a Glossary pre-built in Storyline you could use.



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