Transfer Ownership If Member Leaves

Hi there,

I've searched for a solution, but I don't see one. I know that the course owner in Rise can transfer the course ownership to another team member. I am the coordinator of our team. What happens if a team member (course owner) leaves, and we need to transfer ownership of that course to someone else? How do we do that? Our "admin" says that's not a function the admin can perform.

Thanks for any help!

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Jamie Hamilton

I have a similar question. A member of our team recently left, and ownership of all their courses was transferred to me (Storyline and Rise) as their manager. I will not be working with the content and would like to transfer all of it over to another designer. Is there a way to do this in bulk without having to move each course individually? Thank you!

Alyssa Gomez

Great question, Jamie!

The Storyline 360 files can be transferred in bulk. You can use a network drive to share access to all Storyline 360 files with another author.

On the other hand, there isn't a way to send Rise 360 courses to another author in bulk. Instead, you'll want to send a copy of each course to the new author. 

Brandy Gravely


My company is currently in a similar situation. I believe we have a 360 Teams subscription.

The sole content creator and main user of Articulate (my predecessor) has left the company. All of the content they created was transferred to someone on another team. We need a way to transfer that content in bulk over to me, the new main user. Is this possible? The content includes both Storyline 360 and Rise 360 courses.

Lea Agato

Hi Brandy! We don’t have an option to transfer multiple Rise 360 courses between active users. The only way that courses can be transferred in bulk is if a user is removed from the team, and the option Assign content to someone else is selected. We're tracking requests to have a feature for sharing multiple Rise 360 courses at a time, and I’ll let you know here if this feature becomes available. 

As for Storyline 360, courses are stored locally on the user’s computer.  If you need to access courses created by someone who has left your organization, you’ll need to copy them from that person’s computer.  

I hope this helps!