Transfering Rise Course to "new" owner

Jun 19, 2019

I am currently creating a course in Rise. I have also been documenting access to my various materials, so that should I leave, everything I have created is readily accessible. I don't really want to have my passwords laying around. Is it possible to transfer a Rise created course to another "owner" such that they would then be able to modify the Rise course, should it need to be updated. I am not talking about providing the SCORM package.

We have also had a vendor create courses for us in Rise. The course content, per contract, belongs to our company, so I have asked them for the course content for our files. If this were in SL they could just give us the SL file. That is not possible in Rise. Will it be possible for them to "transfer" the Rise course to us, (since we actually own it contractually), such that we would be able to modify it in the future? If not, we would then have to fully rebuild the course from the major course elements. If that is the case, I cannot see an easy on-going business case for using Rise (even though I like many of its features), and we would in future insist that courses created for us by vendors could not be created in Rise....

TLDR: Is there a way to transfer Rise courses to other owners (whether internal or external) such that they have full ability to modify the course, as needed (assuming they also have a Rise account).

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