Translation in Rise 360

Aug 31, 2022

Hi -- I am trying to get a sense of how long it actually takes for this process... So I admit I am currently just exploring.   I did follow the steps - duplicated my course, exported to xliff file (which I cannot find an app to download so I can see it) -- but that's OK:  I used SmartCat -- very cool, which you can export to XLFF file, as well as CSV (so you can actually read it and see the translations -- very helpful.) 

I have now imported the Spanish version of the xlff file (from SmartCat) into my new Spanish-version course - And it says "Import Successful."     For now, I will not bother with the label adjustments.  

But It is not appearing to have imported the Spanish text/xlff file -- even though it says 'Import Successful.'    Am I missing a step?? Do I have to convert the labels before anything translates?  Thanks for any insight!


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Angelo Cruz

Hi Claire! Your translated file should be in XLIFF version 2.0 or .xlf file format. Have you tried canceling the upload and trying it again? If you continue to encounter issues uploading your translated file, I would suggest opening a support case here so that we can further investigate the matter. Our engineers will be more than happy to help. You may attach a copy of the original exported .xlf file and the translated one for testing purposes.