Translation is not imported

I have just received the translated files (from English to Simplified Chinese) from the translation agency. Now, I have successfully imported the .xlif files into Rise, but I still continue to see the English version of the course whereas I am importing the Simplified Chinese version. Do you have any idea on the reason for this unexpected behaviour? How could I solve it?


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Darrell McElmurry


We too are experiencing the same issue when importing a translated xlif file into an Articulate 360 e-Learning course, no translation results displayed.  Though in the text of the xlif doc the translation is evident, the document appears configured correctly.  I've included the translated xlif file for review.  This xlif file was translated using ETMA which is required for some HP GBU WW.  Perhaps it is in the file or in the duplication process, resolution assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thor Melicher


Although the file has been translated, it's missing <target> elements which is why the import isn't showing any change.

It seems that either the translator or the software chose to replace the <source> elements with the translation rather than adding the <target> elements.

So it's a bit easier for you to see the structure, you can change the extension form .xlf to .xml and then drag and drop into a browser. 

Once loaded, look for <source> tags.  Immediately after <source>, you should see <target> tags that are in the same layout as <source>

In this small snippet from your XLIFF, you would see <target> on the next line after </source>

It would look something like this:

    <pc id="block_0">
       <ph defaultRef="generic_1" id="generic_1"/>
       <pc dataRefStart="span_2" id="span_2"> © © 2020 HP Development Company, L.P. La información contenida en el presente documento está sujeta a cambios sin previo aviso. Confidencialidad HP-solo para fines de formación.</pc>

(and so on until you get to </target> - it should be a literal mirror except in <source> you would see the original language and <target> would be the translated language.)

I hope that helps at least the mystery why your translation isn't importing as expected.