Two Rise questions: 1 about videos and 1 about Storyline blocks

Feb 14, 2024

I have been embedding videos into Rise, which is very simple. However, some videos have ads at the beginning of them. I found a trick online for eliminating them, by adding a dash in the URL but it does not work for all videos. I know there is also an option to add an ad blocker to your computer or browser but I am assuming that if the learner doesn't have an ad blocker on their computer or in their browser then they will see the ads.  I am assuming that the best and most stable way to fix this is to get a YouTube premium subscription.  If anyone has any th0ughts on how to eliminate those ads, so they won't show in an embedded video in Rise that would be helpful. 

Secondly, and last of all, I imported some Storyline blocks into Rise and they have quite a lot of black trim/background around them. I searched here on E-Learning heroes and found that adjusting the aspect ratio to 16:9 might help it. I tried that and all it did was reduce the black border a little without taking it or the menu options away. If anyone has anything to share on this as well, that would be great. Thank you in advance for any assistance anyone can provide.



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Chris Duerden

Hi Dana


For the storyline blocks, have you tried (within storyline) to make the slide backgrounds transparent? So right-click on a slide, find background and pull the slider all the way down.

In storyline the background will now appear to be black, but when imported and inserted into Rise, it will pick up whatever the background colour of the block is.

Eg, the image shows a storyline block with a white rectangle frame drawn onto it (importantly, this rectangle does not extend to the sides of the slide in storyline). There is then a slight drop shadow on the rectangle to add a bit of depth.

But the purple background shines through the outer edges of the transparent slide to create a more seamless effect in Rise :)


Dana Von Berg

Hi Martin,

I tried it and it didn't work for me. I right clicked on the slide and saw the "format background" option. when I went into the related menu I had the settings in the attached file.  I didn't see an option to have the color of the slide extend to the outer edges. I must be doing something incorrect. If you have any suggestions please let me know. Thanks.



Chris Duerden

Morning Dana

Sorry, my explanation may not have been clear. I have attached a quick .story file.

It has two slides, both with transparent background and the same image / animation. Only difference is that the second slide has a white frame.

I have exported them separately and then hosted them as SL blocks in Rise. Make sure you switch to the modern player with no controls etc as well!

You can then see what they look like in the Rise project here