Undo option?

Mar 28, 2017

I don't know if I missed it, but if there isn't one already, Rise really needs an "undo" option. I just accidentally deleted text from a course I was reviewing and it took forever to find the original text to restore it. A simple undo option would have saved a lot of time. 

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Brian Waters

Absolutely amazed that this thread has been going on for so long. I have just accidentally deleted some text that was in a text block with two tables in it - making a glossary. instead of deleting the highlighted text it deleted nearly all of the text in the table and some of the cells in the table as well, so, having reviewed this three years worth of thread, it seems there is nothing I can do except start all over again. I didnt delete a block, I deleted text. So I didnt get the 6 second "undo" option. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE find a way. This lack of general undo or trash is a real stumbling block. Accidents happen. But not having an undo is unforgiveable. Talking about it for three years is another matter... Please. I'm going back to recreate the tables again.

Eric Zettler

I second this request.

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Erika Kuczysnki

I am really surprised this doesn't have a resolution yet as this request came in three years ago and I can find a number of similar threads. Has there been any enhancements that I am not seeing?

Maybe it could ask if I am sure before deleting whole blocks? I just went to delete a skinny divider but accidently deleted an entire block of text below it that I just spent days fine tuning. This seems like a basic function and a mistake that probably happens frequently. I also deleted a block before when trying to move it up the page. Luckily it was a small one that was easy to recreate. 

Edward Hoke

Erika - "I feel ya". I decided that if I am going to use Rise in its current state, I just will have to make a copy of the existing project as I am going along. However, since there is no "auto backup", and saving deleted blocks does not work, that can be a pain too. Making a copy of the whole project every now and then could save some work however.

Brian Waters

Actually today I deleted something I shouldn't have but I'm celebrating because I actually swear to gosh I managed to hit the UNDO before it disappeared. I really feel like putting the flags up for that one. But it just got me thinking. Has someone extended the time on how long the UNDO stays on screen? It was actually a few seconds before I went for the button. I'd still really appreciate a more orthodox undo action of some discription. 

James Silvestri

I'm a new Rise user and this just happened to me...I accidentally deleted a block of content and was unable to restore it...now I have to recreate it.

I searched for a solution on-line and found this thread.  3 years after the issue was reported, there still seems to be a basic design flaw in Rise.  How is this possible?!?


I just searched for a way to have an image be a link, and this was requested three years ago. Nothing has been done.

Now, literally 2 min later I search for a way to undo. ANOTHER request from users that is THREE YEARS OLD, with no progress.

These delays are inexcusable, especially considering these requests are not anything out of the ordinary. They actually should have been part of the first release of Rise.

Articulate, I feel, is falling behind other authoring tools. Why are numerous requests that are YEARS OLD not being implemented, especially since so many CUSTOMERS have requested them?

Edward Hoke

I know this is after the fact help, but one way to assist with accidental losses is to duplicate your Rise course. I know that this should not have to be a solution since this has been asked about since V1.x, and, it doesn't help in an immediate sense, but it might save you from a catastrophic unintended event. C'mon Articulate! You can do this!

Melody Fusco

I agree with previous comments. It's not an undo feature if it appears for 3 seconds and goes away. It's also not an undo "feature" if it's not an option that is available to you all the time, it's just an undo "token" that might pop up for you, or might not. I just deleted a block and looked for that little pop up because I know about this feature and once I deleted my block, I knew I made a mistake, but no pop up appeared for me. This really needs to be changed from what it is currently. This feature is available in Storyline 360, why not Rise 360? I'm totally in-love with Rise and this has been the biggest pain point for me with using it. Please update to have an undo option that is there all the time, not just for a few moments and then goes away.