Uploading PDFs to Rise (and viewing)

Jul 18, 2018

Hi. Just getting to grips with Storyline 360, and thought I'd take my first look at the Rise element of Articulate 360. As part of building some test lessons, I've tried uploading PDFs to block templates.

On 2 occasions with 2 different PDFs, the last screenshot on the uploaded version when you view it, is different to the original stored on my laptop. In one case something shown on the screenshot on the uploaded version had moved to the left (and what's showing seems to have a purple outline), whereas on the other uploaded version the whole screenshot has disappeared.

I've checked both original PDFs to make sure they aren't faulty with regards to the last screenshot, but everything looks good in them. Happy to share Rise test course & 2 original PDFs in secure area, if needed to review.

Hoping someone can help/advise please.

Cheers Mal

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Malcolm Hughes

Thanks for taking a look Leslie, really appreciated.

Yes, Vevette has managed to recreate the mini course using the original PDFs that I'd supplied, and when you review it, it works as it should?!

Just doing a bit of testing myself, and I've resaved the original PDF on my laptop at the next level down (Standard instead of High Quality), and just run a quick upload & review, and the lesser quality version opens as it should (but the background graphics aren't as sharp).

Going to keep working on it.

Thanks        Mal

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