Use more than one accent color in Rise 360

Oct 09, 2019

Is it possible to use more than one accent color (Theme) in Rise 360? I've used an orange from one of our logo colors (because so many other projects use the blue) and when I create a 'Note', I've received feedback that it looks like a warning box.  It would be great if I EVERYTHING didn't have to be one accent color.

Looking forward to your responses!

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Kimberlee Boyd

Thanks for the prompt response. I do want to clarify that I want to use more than one color from the accent palette. I am already using a custom orange and would like to use at least another.

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Kimberlee Boyd

Hi Alyssa.  I received an email with the latest response relative to using more than one accent color.  For some reason, I scrolled up and didn't realize that I never removed my contact information from my post.  If I understand your message to me, then I can edit my original post to remove my business info? If so, when I click the link you posted: "edit your reply here.", I am not able to edit my info out.  Did I misunderstand or I am not doing something correctly?

Gracie Hongyang Li

Please, can some tell us what that 1 single accent color affects exactly inside the course? 

  • Bullet/numbered list 
  • Note 
  • The accent line under the course title 
  • hyperlink
  • Navigation menu

But what else? 

Please I think the color code is applied to multiple elements within a Rise course, but what are affected exactly? The software development team must have this information when they build this software. 

And yes, it would be nice to be specific to each element and allow more than 1 color code for all the accent stuff... 



Ignite CourseCreator

Hi Alyssa,

can you please advise when we will be able to install a full custom colour palette.  We have very strict brand guidelines and at present I am getting a lot of grief from marketing for non-compliant course design.

It would be awesome if we could do something similar to Storyline where you import a whole colour palette.  

Also if I import a storyline block, will that retrospectively update the wider colour palette?

Crystal Horn

Good questions, Lindsey.

First, we're taking requests to have a custom palette or multiple brand colors, but it isn't a feature that is in active development. I don't have a timeline for a potential release.

Storyline blocks won't impact the theme settings in your Rise course. So, Rise won't adopt the theme colors used in the Storyline interaction.

Would using block templates help your team with marketing compliance? If you have some widely used block types, you could create a library of block templates available to the team, especially if you're using specific block background colors or font colors. Each author would still need to use the right overall theme color in their Rise course settings.

Andria N. Shooter

Adding my voice to this; I have a client that very much wants each section of the course to have a different accent colour; this aligns with the branding that they are using for the greater program that the course fits within. Following and adding a vote in the hope we can see a change on this soon. Thanks!