Use more than one accent color in Rise 360

Oct 09, 2019

Is it possible to use more than one accent color (Theme) in Rise 360? I've used an orange from one of our logo colors (because so many other projects use the blue) and when I create a 'Note', I've received feedback that it looks like a warning box.  It would be great if I EVERYTHING didn't have to be one accent color.

Looking forward to your responses!

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Diana Gualda

Adding my vote.

Block elements should ideally default to the main theme color, but have the option to manually customize. Color is a massive part of not only branding but visual messaging and UX.

For example, consistency with certain colors representing particular products, type of content, optional vs. required, etc. Designers use color all the time to "train" users to subconsciously recognize distinctions for better UX.

Brandon Harper

Another vote on this. This is problematic for us too. For different product sets, we have design colors that should be used. Having one color presents a branding problem.

While I can make some blocks have the appropriate font or background colors, if I use any of the great features like buttons, list blocks, checkboxes, or quotes, I am stuck with the course theme. Since sections is already something that we can utilize, even having a them within a section of material would be super helpful. 

This thread is over 2 years old and has a number of users with a similar request. Is this anywhere in the roadmap?

Jewels Dymond

Every university I have built for has two colors in their logo and it is difficult to build in Rise as they want both colors in the scheme. I can only choose one color. It would be nice to have the option to choose two colors. One for the accent line and one for the continue button per say, or something to just mix and match and custom to their brand.

I vote for this too.

Louis Duijser

Dear staff, first of all: I'm a big fan of Rise 360. It's a great tool! One of my wishes though is to get the possibility to change the accent color (in our case red as the corporate color is red) into green for the check mark in the Quiz, if questions are answered correctly. Are you perhaps considering this?

Greetings from Rotterdam (NL) 

Nicola Fern

I'm chiming in here with another reason for this request. Having one single colour is terrible for usability. If you want to use a nice pale shade for example - I tried to use a lovely calming green as my main colour. Works great as a background or on the buttons. But the same colour is used as a link colour, and as uneditable headings on tabbed interactions. It's not even vaguely meeting contrast requirements on a white background for text. Not every colour is suitable for text.  At a minimum we should be able to specify link and heading colours separately from the 'brand' colour.