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Jul 24, 2017

Hi..I have a video placed into my rise course with a continue after the video appearing after the video completes. It works perfectly in the Rise tool, the continue button appears after the video completes, but when I place the course in our LMS the continue never appears after the video completes. Any suggestions?

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Alyssa Gomez

Uh-oh Lisa! That doesn't sound right. I can help you straighten this out!

Have you had a chance to test it in SCORM Cloud yet? That'll tell us whether the problem is related to your LMS or the Rise course itself. 

Also, what browsers did you test in? Here's a sample course with a short video and a continue button. Give that one a try as well. Did you see the continue button appear there?

Lisa Kiser

Hi Alyssa, I just ran the course through Scorm Cloud once in IE and once in Chrome. Seems that the continue button doesn't become active after the video in IE, but it does become active in Chrome. Is this something that can be looked into further?  Thank you for the suggestion of testing this in Scorm Cloud...forgot all about that application..Thanks, Lisa

Janet Fearns

Hi Alyssa

The same thing is happening in my course when using IE whether inside our outside of our LMS. The tabs and accordions will not trigger the Continue button after they have been expanded. I am using a later version of IE than in your screen recording; Version 11.1358.14390.0 (see attached).

Everything works fine in Chrome but unfortunately IE is our default browser for the organisation. Hope you can help, I am currently removing all my Continue buttons :)



Cathy Zhou

Hi, I just had a very similar situation with the Continue buttons now showing up in a Rise course.  I have the Continue buttons after each video clip and after each KC.  The course tested fine on the testing site of LMS but when it goes into final launch, the Continue button would not show up, although if you hover over the location of the Continue button, you can click and go on with the course (so the hot spot for the Continue button is there).

The Fix: I went back to the course and added the paddings back to 30 (under settings).  It was originally set at 0 padding and it appears Rise does not like that.  Still, I believe this is a glitch.  Or otherwise, a caution should be placed next to the padding setting to indicate the minimum padding requirement.

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