Video in Rise is Freezing

I've got a Rise course that has 8 videos cut from a single 1.4 GB video. Seven of the eight work with no problems at all. However, the first video, will stop in mid-playback. It doesn't happen always and it usually isn't in the same spot. It's 55MB and is not the longest in the eight. I've recreated the video from scratch and it is still a problem. When I review it in Articulate it plays fine. But when I test it in the LMS, I get the problem. Happens on multiple laptops and within the company and out of it. I've deleted the block and recreated it from scratch as well. Any ideas? 

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jessica, 

If the video is working well in Review and Rise directly, I'd look at other factors connected to the viewing environment. 

First, you could test in another LMS to check that the SCORM output is packaged and playing correctly. We use SCORM Cloud - and although there is a free version if your course is too large, I'm happy to test in my account. Share the Rise zip folder, and I can upload. 

Next, I'd also test a few different browsers to see if that's having any impact. The browsers Rise supports are listed here. 

Let me know how things go after checking into those pieces. 

Jessica Visser

Ashley -

Thanks for your help. I was able to test in ScormCloud at your suggestion. I didn't have a problem with there except that my file was too big so I had to edit it. I'm attaching the full one here for your review. The problem is the video in the Introduction section. It is not the biggest or longest in the course. It has been hanging up at 2:29 or so, but not always.  Sometimes it is earlier in the playback. The video is part of a much larger video that I cut into 8 sections using Camtasia and saving as an MP4. As far as I know, I didn't use different settings for the additional videos. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jessica,

Happy to help. Thanks for sharing the export, I uploaded it to our SCORM Cloud account here. 

I viewed the first video in the Introduction section all the way through, with no freezing. I used the latest version of Chrome but happy to test another environment if there is something you use more frequently. 

Also, let me know how that course plays back on your end.