Viewing Rise from the Web

Jan 23, 2018

How can I view a RISE file from the web. I don't want to attach it to our LMS yet but I want to post it to the web. How can I got about that? There does not seem to be anything like the "Story.html" file I normally use for Storyline.



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Ree Walker-Greer

Hi there Alyssa,
BTW - Excellent video. This was very helpful. However, it looks like you're using Amazon S3 to host your file. Is Amazon S3 and Google Cloud the only options to host your file? My company has a SharePoint site/OneDrive where we host files we send to our LMS related courses. 

Would we be able to use the same SharePoint site for Web-Only Output files? I was able to follow along with your video until I got to the section that required me to click on the index.html file to copy the link. The only link that I'm able to copy brings the learner to the SharePoint site; rather than a link to view the actual course.  

Any further guidance you can provide for hosting the file on SharePoint would greatly be appreciated.