Web objects in 360 Rise

Nov 11, 2016

Like with storyline, will there be the opportunity to store web objects within a lesson or block? 

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Joseph D'Alessandro

Does Rise support WebGL content?  Similar to Alex's point above I would want the freedom to design and create custom content ( learning interactions / 2D or 3D games, animations, 3D models, etc. ) and then plug them into Rise.  I would of course be creating this custom content using other tools such as Adobe Muse, Unity, Maya, Dreamweaver, Flash, iClone, CrazyTalk, After Effects, etc.  Most importantly, though to me would be the ability to use Unity and publish to WebGL and then take that WebGL output and drop it into a Rise project.

Bronwen Spalding

I agree. I think the ability to embed  in an iframe is crucial, especially while your current quiz options are quite limited and some of the interactivity options are still forthcoming. There is no way I can reproduce the assessment that I'd like to use within Rise at present and it is pretty much a deal breaker, but I could at least do it in an iframe and make the quiz in storyline 360. Happy to consider changing over to a Rise quiz as it develops further though. The two major barriers to me wanting to use Rise at present are the limited quiz options and the lack of reporting about which individual lessons are viewed. Apparrently we'll currently have to put each lesson in its own individual course in order to be able to see who actually looks at each lesson, is that correct???

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi P,

Do you have a sample of one of these HTML5 files and a Rise course that isn't working with it? We released a fix in the end of February to respect the iFrame code, so that should be working to include it in a Rise course. If you've got an example you want to share with us here, or send it to our Support Engineers using this form! 

Paul Arrighi

Hi Ashley

Heres the files I tried to get working. (The course is web object test in my trial account)

I created a super simple animation in HTML5 using Tumult Hype. (Check out the animated gif file to see what the output looks like)

I published as an oam widget and as HTML5 folder as attached

Can I embed my oam output as desired? Or, what code do I need to create if I need to accommodate the hype content and where do I upload the content?


Alyssa Gomez

Hi P!

It looks like you might have tried to attach files here via email, but they did not come through. Instead, I opened a support case on your behalf (01034339), and you can use this link that is unique to your case to send the HTML5 file and the link to the Rise course directly to our Support Engineers. We'll follow along with your case, as well!

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Logan! Great question :)

A Storyline Block for Rise has certainly been something we've heard from our users. This has been shared with our team and has a target of Q3 '17.

In the meantime, you could host your Storyline 360 course on the web and use this basic iFrame code in the URL/Embed lesson or Embed Block type:

<iframe src="Insert Your URL to the story.html Here"></iframe>

Hope that helps!

Alyssa Gomez

That's a great question, Logan. We've got a possible issue on our radar where Rise doesn't display the full height of an embedded iframe object, meaning you'll see a scrollbar even if you've specified a large height. Is that what you're seeing, too?

We're working through this, and I'll definitely let the team know about your experience with it. As soon as we have more information, I'll be sure to send you an update!

Logan Stahler

Hi Alyssa-

Currently, I simply added my URL into the code Leslie provided, but the size of the embed isn't all that large.  That is one complaint I have about Rise - lack of control of the size of things.  I wondered if I could tweak the iframe code to make my embed larger.  Is this possible?

Logan Stahler

Hi all-

I am having a problem getting my SL file to embed into my Rise project.  I successfully integrated a SL project which was hosted on Review using the iframe code.  Now that I have hosted that project on our web space, the SL project won't play.  I get the following error screen in Rise:

Any ideas?  That link works in a browser just fine.