What file do you use to load a RISE course into LMS

Dec 13, 2016

Hi folks,

This may be a dumb question - with Storyline we use the index_lms.html file in our LMS, but when I export a Rise course for LMS I'm not given this option.

If I use the index.html file in the "scormcontent" folder then the course completion and score does not get sent back to our LMS. Note that I exported the Rise course for LMS > AICC (I've also tried SCORM 1.2) > Track using Quiz Result > Passed/ Failed (I've also tried Passed/ Incomplete but it didn't work either).

Any help would be appreciated!



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Justin Grenier

Good Morning, Zdravko.

In most Learning Management Systems, you don’t have to manually point to a specific file to launch content, as long as that content is compliant with SCORM, AICC, or xAPI. You simply upload a compliant zip file, and if the LMS is compliant with the same standard, it knows where to look to find the files that launch the content.

For example, the AICC Packaging Specification says that the .au file (at the root of the zip file) tells the LMS everything it needs to know about how to launch and track the content.

If you are using an AICC LMS that needs to be manually told where to find the assignable unit in a Rise course, it is located at ⁠⁠⁠scormdriver/indexAPI.html⁠⁠⁠, but I’m a little nervous that the LMS may not pick up everything it needs to know from that file.  Contrast this with testing your content at SCORM Cloud and you'll see how streamlined the process can be.

Good luck with your project!

Zdravko Gunjevic

Hi Justin,

Unfortunately we have to point our LMS to a specific file. I tried the file scormdriver/indexAPI.html but it still didn't record the score or send passed/ fail information back to the LMS.

I have also tested the course at Scorm Cloud and it works there so I know its an issue with our LMS and loading it in the LMS. As I mentioned in the original post, for Storyline files we point the LMS to the index_lms.html file and everything works fine. I just hoped that I could figure it out and it was a simple solution before asking our LMS vendor for their help :)



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