What is the secret to updating imported Storyline blocks/refreshing Articulate Review within Rise?

Sep 12, 2021

I assume this is operator error, but I sure would like some insight. How do I force Articulate Review to refresh while I'm working within Rise?

Use Case: I import a Storyline block from my Articulate Review account into Rise. It's only 1 slide. I see something I need to tweak in the SL file, so I make the change to my Storyline file and republish to Review, overwriting my original. Without having closed my Rise browser window, I go back to Rise, click "Edit" in the SL block, then "Change". I navigate to AR and choose my updated Storyline file.  I then play it in Rise and it's the old version. Over and over I do this. I've been struggling with this for over a year. It only works if I close out of Rise and come back in. What am I doing wrong, please?

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