What will you be using Rise for

Nov 09, 2016

I love Rise and its Responsive content.  I can see so many opportunity to use this with clients.

How do you plan on using rise?

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Richard S

I would like to use it.. but after initial testing there are concerns for me from a corporate standpoint.  It doesn't easily allow Trademark Symbols or Registration Marks, seems to have a small selection of fonts (not ones that our Brand compliant for our company), and very limited design features.  I'll probably keep a hold of Storyline for more robust trainings.

Tristan Hunt

We have 50+ short training updates (basically 2-3 Pages of text/images and then a short quiz) that I was just about to move over to moodle, so basically just text and a bit of HTML.

This will be a much better way for us to present the information especially as the majority of our users are on mobile devices.

I just make a quick demo of one this morning and the team is very impressed so this will be a good win for us.

I too can see lots of potential here!


Michael Hinze

Hi Adam, most mobile users will have a connection to a cellular or WiFI network. With that, having an app is not required. But there may be situations where an offline app would come in handy, e.g. a technician working in a shielded equipment room and needing to look up how to configure xyz. It's just another possible option to distribute RISE content.

Mark Aiston

I spent 30,000 with an e-learning firm to put together an online e-learning course for young athletes. i can do pretty well much the same here for a lot lot less.

I think these days courses should be short and the info and modules and chapters should be short as well which i feel suits this format e.. I just wonder though if someone is half way through and then stops .. and starts again the next day .. what happens does it start at where they have finished ..

I think that topic was mentioned a bit higher on the thread.]

Also can I turn the course3 into scorm and then sell it on an LMS system.. Again i think this may have been covered else where and I think the answer is yes.



Tristan Hunt

Re: Certificates

We just went through this process removing all the certificates from the LMS and hooking up the LMS to our ESS system so now everything is captured in one place.

It seems very labour intensive to have learners download a certificate and they upload to another when this can be automated and removes the chance of errors.


Crystal Horn

Hi Mark!  You can export Rise courses for AICC, SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004 4th Edition, and Tin Can API (xAPI) learning management systems. Just open your Rise course for editing, click Export in the upper right corner of the screen, and choose an LMS specification.  

Rise courses will not resume on the web, but Rise courses will currently resume by default when hosted in an LMS.

Here are some FAQs for Rise!  Thanks for checking in.

Joshua Berkstresser

Rise seems to have showed up at the perfect time for my Organization.  We have an LMS where we upload our SCORM files using Storyline (and will use Rise to produce courses that require less "skills" based training), but where Rise is most exciting for me, is for creating a new "public" library that doesn't have a sign up gate (this is for a very specific audience).  The one thing I will have to investigate is the possibility of using google analytics to determine if they "completed the course".  For courses where it is just a series of videos, Wistia will handle that for us on their end, but if we are mixing up videos and some text/image portions,  I will still need to be able to report that said course was completed (or have something beyond "page was visited").  I am beyond excited for this.

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