What will you be using Rise for

Nov 09, 2016

I love Rise and its Responsive content.  I can see so many opportunity to use this with clients.

How do you plan on using rise?

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Career Time

I was just about to ask this question, Veronica!

I have two needs for having access to Rise source files:

1. After finishing a project for a client, we typically deliver all published files and all source files to the client, whether or not they have the software to do anything with the source files.
2. When a contractor works on a project with us, we need delivery of their source files at the end of the project, and often during the project as well. We usually use dropbox for this shared access or transfer.


Career Time

For "source files", I'm referring to the entire Rise development package, similar to a .story file in Storyline.  A client may not have Articulate 360 at the time we deliver files to them, but I need to be able to provide the entire source package at the end of our engagement in case they either (a) get Articulate 360 in the future and want to make edits, or (b) hire another firm or contractor who has Articulate 360 to make edits.  So it's not necessarily an immediate transfer to another Rise account, but a way to "store" a Rise course for potential future development or edits.  Is this what will be included in the export package?


Career Time

Thanks Adam.  That definitely adds some complexity.  In a way, it's better for my business because it ties a company to me pretty much indefinitely, but it creates several difficulties.

1. It requires me to keep every course we've ever developed "just in case" a client ever needs edits (if so, I'm hoping there will be great organizational features that allow us to archive courses or to group courses by client, etc. and that there are no storage limits in Articulate 360 accounts.

2. As there are staffing changes, re-organizations, or just regular passage of time at client companies, it requires "someone" at that company to always know where a course came from.  As much as I would like to think that everyone knows my name, companies are large and complex and folks don't always know which vendor provided which courses.  Right now, if they have a Storyline course and the associated .story file, they just need to find someone with a Storyline license to make edits.  But with Rise, they need to track back to the vendor or, in some cases, the freelancer, who created the course.

It would be beneficial to have a way to "park" Rise courses offline.

Mark Shepherd

Hi Dawn:

As an extension to this discussion, it would be even nicer if the content created in Rise could be imported into Storyline!  Even if it was just as a place-holder, this would save time and potentially solve a number of content storage and back-up issues.

I know my request is a pretty a tall order, but hey, a guy can dream, right? ;)


Career Time

I'd like the opposite in terms of functionality, Mark... the ability to import slides from Storyline into Rise.  I have a lot of richly animated slides in Storyline, and I'd like to add them as videos into Rise.  Right now, I have to go through the whole process of recording them through Replay and then adding them from Replay to Rise.  Would love the ability to directly publish a Storyline slide to Articulate 360 to use as an asset.  Not asking for Storyline interactions or anything -- just a single slide with audio, graphics, and animations.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Always dream Mark! It's how we probably ended up with such a cool tool like Rise to begin with...

Now have you tried linking Rise content into Storyline? I don't know about importing but you should be able to insert it as web object. I'm not entirely sure what that would look like in terms of responsive and how it would behave - so maybe you could share a bit more about the "why" behind this set up and we can get that into the hands of our Developers to tinker with. 

Kristi Reece

Hi Ashley,

Sure. I did send a request for the feature.

Our company is growing so quickly we need a way for new business leaders to learn our systems, but we want them to apply critical thinking.

I really like the look of Rise and was able to put it all together except a way for them to type their thoughts. I had to go back to Storyline so I could use the ‘Freeform’ style quiz question.

Here is a link to what I did before I decided to scrap it. I think you will see where I wanted an open field answer. https://rise.articulate.com/share/xEK2L

Paul Alders

Sounds great Adam! Today I had a meeting with one of my clients who wants to share short peaces of information with his customers and get their feedback. I advised him to use Rise in combination with a QR code. He loved the idea, but didn't like the 'start' button on the first slide.

Is it possible to add a feature to show the button or not?

I tried to add an example of using the QR code but unfortunately I got an error.

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