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Sep 05, 2017

Hi all-

I was all set to use Rise for a short course we're creating, only to discover that there is only one question type. New question types were promised 10+ months ago but I'm not seeing them in the tool. Does anyone have any workarounds to suggest? I'd use Storyline but have a Mac and have really disliked having to work on a VC so don't want to purchase a new license.  Would appreciate any thoughts you might have.


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Bridgewater Developer

Some possible variations:

You could set up a True/False question.
Q: Is this a true statement:
A1: True
A2: False

A "fill-in-the-blank" type:
Q: Examinations and tests are assessment instruments used by the ____________ assessment method.
A1: Observation
A2: Questioning
A3: Product sampling
A4: None of the above.

A multiple answer type:
Q: The following are desired benefits of outcomes based assessment:
i. Flexibility
ii. Clarity
iii. Openness
iv. Efficient

A1: i, ii, iii and iv
A2: i and ii only
A3: ii and iv only
A4: i, ii and iii only

A sequence type:
Q: Choose the sequence that most accurately describes the RPL process:
i.   The candidate his credited with having achieved the necessary outcomes.
ii.  The knowledge and skills of the candidate are assessed.
iii. The strength of the candidate’s application is assessed by a RPL facilitator.
iv. The candidate’s skills knowledge and experience is matched to the specific standards and criteria required for the desired qualification.

A1:  i, ii, iii, iv
A2:  iii, ii, iv, i
A3:  iv, iii, ii, i
A4:  ii, iv, i, iii

Although these are really just multiple choice questions, these are some variations which I have used. I would also be interested in other inherent question type possibilities, and see what variations other people may use.

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