XLF Version 2.1.

Jun 09, 2023

I have subscribed to the Advance version of DeepL as a translating tool. DeepL requires an XLF 2.1. version for translation but Rise 360 only export in version 1.2.

Has anyone been able to solve the problem when exporting for translation?

Can Articulate update Rise export XLF files for translation to a 2.1. version?


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Steven Benassi

Hi Hans!

Thanks for checking in on this!

I don't have any updates to share at this time as our development team has been prioritizing other features. I've included you in the feature report being tracked and will update this discussion as soon as we have news to share. If you'd like to stay up to date, you can bookmark our Feature Roadmap.

In the meantime, for your reference, here's a deeper look at how we manage feature requests.

Morten Ulriksen

We really need you to update to the latest XLIFF version. Version 2.0 have been an OASIS standard since 2014, and 2.1 since February 2018.

The fact that you are unable to follow the latest standards makes me loose trust in your ability to deliver a state of the art platform. It is strange that you treat this in the same way as other requests from users. This should not be seen as a feature request, but as a compliance matter. Focus on the basics before launching new features.

Hans Verdoodt


Thank you for your feedback.

From my point of view, it is unacceptable that Articulate does not support Xliff 2.1 and is still based on a standard that goes back to 2008 (Xliff 1.2).

We have done tests with both Smartcat (supports Xliff 1.2 and 2.1) and Deeple (supports only Xliff 2.1) as translation software. We were able to import/export using Smartcat but the the translation as 'too poor to be useful'.
The only translation solutions that provides sufficient quality is Deeple. They do not support Xliff 1.2 since this standard has been replaced in 2014 by Xliff 2.0 and Xliff 2.1 in 2016.

That means that in my case, where I must translate one training to 10 different languages, that all content has to be manually copied, translated and pasted back into the duplicate. This is basically stupid and laborious work that could have been avoided if Articulate would update RISE to Xliff 2.1.

I noticed that there is a important amount of users that have the same issue, I would appreciate that this issue is raised at your management.

For My Company, I'll advise internally to move away from Articulate and look for other solutions that fit our needs.

Cordialement, Best regards, Vriendelijke groeten,

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Hans Verdoodt



Hi Hans,

Acolad propose an equivalent of DEEPL that work with XLIFF from Articulate.


Unfortunately, you have to go through a sales representative to purchase the service (it's not an online subscription). However, they will probably offer you a 15-day free trial if you ask. I've tested it with an XLIFF from a RISE, a .doc and a PPT and results are good. The price is competitive.

Robert Auchenpaugh

DeepL work around for Storyline:

If you export version 2.0, you can open the file in Notepad and change the version number in the header information to 2.1, save the file and then drop it into DeepL.  Then take the translated file and open it in Notepad and change the version number in the header back to 2.0.  Then you can import the translated file into your Storyline course.

Don't have a work around for Rise courses, however, as can't get an edit to a 1.2 version file to work the same way.  The header is built differently, and it doesn't work the same way.

...AND... we have a few hundred Rise courses we need to translate and are under a tight timeline...so not sure what to do about that... We REALLY need to have Rise able to export version 2.1 immediately!! 

Liisa Brade


This thread asking for xliff 2.1 for RISE has been going on for years, with very little response from Articulate (apart from links to roadmap that doesn't show any detail).

Does anyone else feel that there must be some greater reason why Articulate are ignoring their users? Rarely have I seen such a blatant disregard of customer needs. 

Any alternative eLearning software that can handle translations to a good standard? I've used Elucidat before, but didn't need translations at the time.

Articulate, you have the opportunity to save so much time for training teams around the globe!